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The purpose and objective of any library is the identification and fulfillment of the needs of their patrons and to meet their satisfaction level. While speaking about the public libraries it is more difficult for the public libraries to fulfill the needs of their wider audiences. This paper based on the survey of District public library, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan mainly focuses on the services provided by District Public Library, Jhunjhunu and satisfaction level of the patrons towards these services. The study also emphasizes to support the librarians, information scientists and the management in categorizing the potential users of library as well as their information needs. The present study thus designed a Descriptive questionnaire and applied random Sampling Technique among 300 users of the library. Out of which 250 questionnaires were received from respondents. The findings of the study reveals that the library is playing vital role in providing services and facilities to their clientele to some extent but there are many areas need to be reviewed to meet the expectations and scholarly needs of the society.</p> Nand Kishor Vaishali Bhakt Copyright (c) 2023 Nand Kishor 2023-09-12 2023-09-12 4 9 14 23 THE CONTRIBUTION OF BEGUM ROKEYA ON WOMEN'S EDUCATION <p>The 19th century was the period of Renaissance not only in Bengal but also in India. The movement of Renaissance was specially originated in Bengal with Raja Rammohan Roy and was continued by realists such as Vidyasagar, Keshab Chandra Sen and many others. Reformation sentiments affected not only Hindu Bengali society, but also Muslim Bengali society. The reformation movement within the Muslim community began in the late 19th century and persisted into the early 20th century. Begum Rokeya was the matriarch of the Muslim arising in Bengal prior to its partition. She belonged to a group of women known as Bengali 'bhadramahila' - a term akin to "New Women" coined by Virginia Woolf. She devoted her life to the liberation of Muslim women who were required to observe strict religious practices such as purdah and others. She realized that Muslim women should take advantage of educational opportunities of modern era. In the history of girls' education in India, she was a prominent figure who was fearless and indifferent to the harsh criticisms of the Muslim community's religious leaders (Maulabi). In this paper, an attempt is made to examine critically the educational ideas of Begum Rokeya and her contribution to the advancement of women's education in Bengal under the rule of the British.</p> Julfa Khatun Copyright (c) 2023 Julfa Khatun 2023-09-09 2023-09-09 4 9 1 8 TRAVEL LITERATURE: HISTORY AND EVOLUTION OF GENRE <p>The literary genre of travel writing continues to focus on a person's trip diaries or recordings. One can learn about many towns and nations from such tales, as well as distinct cultures, behavioural tendencies, and living situations. Writings on travel have been created since the beginning of time. India is a country with many different cultures, languages, and eating customs that continues to be a favoured trip destination for people living in India and outside. Numerous travel authors from Europe, China, and the Arab world, such as Jean Baptiste Tavernier, Ibn-e-Battuta, and Hiuen Tsang, have written extensively on their experiences visiting India. All of them have authored books about India, its people, and its culture. All of them have authored books about India, its people, and its culture. Because their accounts are based solely on what the tourists have seen or seen around them, they are not trustworthy from an informational standpoint. They don't give a true representation of India in their writings; instead, they give a fictitious one. The difficulties and societal ills that were common at the period have not been highlighted. Travel writings continue to be a legacy of colonial endeavour, as stated earlier. Travel writers from India are therefore required to share their thoughts on how the country and its inhabitants are perceived by the general public. I'll try to illustrate the development of Indian travel literature and current examples of this genre in this essay. While doing so, I'll also talk about the recent changes that have occurred in this genre.</p> Alka Dhariwal Copyright (c) 2023 Alka Dhariwal 2023-09-09 2023-09-09 4 9 9 13