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This abstract highlights the scope, contributing factors, and potential interventions related to this issue. India's youthful demographic, comprising over half of the population, faces numerous socio-economic challenges, including unemployment, poverty, and academic pressure, which contribute to vulnerability to substance abuse. Additionally, rapid urbanization and cultural shifts have led to increased exposure to drugs and alcohol.</p> <p>The prevalence of substance abuse among Indian youth is alarming, with studies reporting high rates of experimentation and regular use. Different factors such as peer pressure, curiosity, and lack of parental supervision exacerbate the problem. Moreover, the disgrace related to looking for help for substance misuse and restricted admittance to treatment further intensified the issue. Addressing youth substance abuse requires a multi-faceted approach involving education, policy reform, and community involvement. Prevention efforts should focus on raising awareness about the risks associated with substance abuse, promoting healthy coping mechanisms, and fostering supportive environments. School-based interventions, peer mentoring programs, and family counseling can play pivotal roles in prevention and early intervention.</p> <p>Policy measures such as stricter enforcement of age restrictions on alcohol sales, banning advertisement of addictive substances, and increasing access to affordable treatment options are essential. Additionally, collaboration between government agencies, NGOs, and healthcare providers is crucial for implementing comprehensive strategies to combat youth substance abuse, addressing substance and alcohol abuse among youth in India demands concerted efforts from various stakeholders. By implementing evidence-based interventions and fostering a supportive environment, it is possible to mitigate the adverse effects of substance abuse and promote the well-being of India's future generations.</p> Beatify Lyngdoh Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-10 2024-06-10 5 6 1 11 INDO-JAPAN MISSION 2025: PARTNERSHIP STUDY ON GEO-STRATEGIC AND GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE <p>Geo-strategically, Indian Ocean is the key regional arena for centuries. As the traditional players India and Japan have increased their diplomatic and economic development, strategic investment as well as maritime posture throughout the IOR. It has made an essential cohort for different countries for the security purpose as well as pivot to geo-economic partnerships from South to Southeast Asia as it supports the strategic connectivity. So India-Japan relations makes a foremost focus called India-Japan Vision-2025 and other engagements are FOIP, IPOI, the Quadrilateral group (Quad), etc. Now the objective of the study is to intend Indian Act East policy towards Japan with bilateral approach and poly-lateral method towards FOIP. This pro-activeness of Indo-Japan relations in Asia raises two questions – a) how has India’s bilateral foreign policy towards Japan and poly-lateral approach into Quad and FOIP changed? b) Which moving have India’s foreign policy push towards Japan as well as Indo-Pacific in Asian region? Additionally, the study also makes the arguments on the Chinese rising influence around the region of Indian Ocean which has more pulses on Indo-Pacific policy for India and Japan.</p> Hemanta Kumar Biswas Joyprokash Mondal Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-14 2024-06-14 5 6 12 25 MAHAMANA VISION AND NEP: A BLUEPRINT FOR HIGHER EDUCATION EXCELLENCE <p>The standards of higher education have been greatly enhanced by the 2020 New Education Policy and the Mahamana Vision of quality higher education. Numerous parallels exist regarding diverse aspects of high-quality tertiary education, which have been emphasised in this study to a greater extent. This, when properly implemented, will help in reducing the nation's difficulties regarding poverty, unemployment, and other social issues. Several pre-existing difficulties and their remedies have also been highlighted in the study.</p> Anjali Mishra Copyright (c) 2024 Dr. Anjali Mishra 2024-06-16 2024-06-16 5 6 26 31